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5 Things You Can Do To Change Peoples Perceptions

Are you ever concerned that you didn’t make a good first impression with someone, or that someone may have the wrong view of you and your character? Perception is at the root of all success or problems, so understanding how to change the way someone perceives you is an important tool for being successful in career, relationships, and basically life 101.

Here are 5 tips for changing someone’s perception of you:

Cultivate good posture

Sit and stand tall and proud, even if you aren’t feeling it. Your posture and poise directly impact the way people perceive you. This level of attention to personal detail is one that will make a huge difference.


How we feel tends to reflect unconsciously on our faces, but you can change this by training yourself to smile more often. Take a few minutes a day to sit with a partial smile; one that you can train your body to have while at rest, with no effort. Also, practice smiling more in general and you’ll find yourself doing it more often naturally.

Slow down your speech and speak intentionally

How you speak says a lot about you. Take time to slow down when having a conversation and properly articulate all of your words. Pause after someone asks a question and gather your thoughts. Less is often more when it comes to speaking.

Cultivate good hygiene

This should go without saying, but small things like well-groomed hair, nails, brushing your teeth daily (hopefully more), using lotion, and wearing effective deodorant and a nice smelling fragrance, all have a major impact on how people perceive you.

Deepen your breath

Whenever we breathe more slowly, the mind settles down, causing the body to relax. This one simple act can help you exude an aura of calm. People who are stressed out or frazzled rarely come across to others how they intend. Calm the mind and physical body and you’ll automatically come across as more polished and in control.

These 5 tips can help you put yourself out there in the best light possible, and will impact people's perception, but it’s important to remember that what someone thinks about you is a reflection of what is going on inside of them, and actually has very little to do with who you really are at your core. Do your best and be your best, and that’s all you can do.

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