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Best Florists in Palm Beach County

There are just a few days until Valentine’s Day, and if you’re thinking of buying flowers for a special someone (or just yourself), there are numerous options of florists that are now delivering unique bouquets with just a few clicks, often as quickly as the same day. Consider our "Best of Palm Beach" Florists for your needs!

Having done our research, we have found that there are those that deliver high quality flowers and bouquets. Then there are those that leave you feeling a little taken advantage of. It is very easy to see why the bouquet is less than brilliant;

The flowers are old

Flowers are from a living organism. As soon as they are cut, they start to lose their life. If the florist that you have chosen uses yesterdays deliveries, your arrangement will arrive lifeless.

The Colors are faded

Going hand in hand with age, flowers colors fade with age. However the grade of flowers purchased by the florist impacts the bouquet. Some florists buy the lower grades in order to increase their profits or appear to be cheaper.

The delivery process

Sometimes it is not the product delivered, but the manner in which it is delivered. The process of ordering and the customer care from the florist can be discouraging. Working with larger organizations can give you the cold shoulder treatment. The owner operated florists tend to take the time and go the extra mile to assist their customers.

Grow recommends you using the owner operated florist of NY Floral Design as our selected "Best Florist of Palm Beach County". Dealing directly with the owners is a pleasure and if you need convenience, you can place your order online! Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts for photo galleries.

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