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Book Private Trips In National Parks

Just as nationwide U.S. quarantines begin to ease and lift, My Private Ranger, Kent Taylor recently announced that he was currently booking new clients for nature-themed tours in time for the upcoming park season and 2021. Kent Taylor is the internationally recognized founder and director of the National Park Society, a National Park and Wildlife expert for the U.S. and Canada, and has decades of experience touring, visiting, and showcasing national and international parks. Ranger Kent provides all of the booking, planning, driving, and guide for the duration of each trip planned, and has been used as a guide by multiple global dignitaries visiting heritage sites, refuges, parks, scenic routes, and architectural wonders across the world.

"Private touring has always been the best way to visit these amazing sites," said Ranger Kent. "The level of safety, flexibility, and customizing I can offer to smaller groups is just not possible with larger touring companies. And with the recent pandemic, small guided tours are becoming the norm. Traveling with people that you know, using a trusted guide who is both a wildlife researcher and a former park ranger, allows you and your group to see more, do more, and just have a lot more fun. I do this work because it's my passion; I've been a wildlife and nature devotee my entire life."

My Private Ranger: How it All Works

Travelers provide a list of destinations they want to visit, dates, preferences, and any special interests or considerations. Tours are created with the custom tour based around the specifics given, including lodging, dining, travel vehicles, sites of interest and any related activities. During the trip, Ranger Kent performs all of the driving and guiding, ensuring that each outing is a fun, fact-and-story-filled adventure. Most tours range from 5–14 days, but each trip is tailor-made, with a wide variety of customizations possible.

Planning and early booking are best, as parks and national heritage sites tend to fill up quickly. Ranger Kent can provide suggestions as needed, and also offers tours for select special-interest groups like photographers, family reunions, couples and travelers with certain health or mobility concerns. Photographers especially benefit from someone who knows the specific locations and habits of North American animals.

Some past VIP travelers have included: BBC film crews, Joint Chiefs of Staff and spouses for Canada and India, Southern Methodist University, Vice President of Deutsche Bank, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and business owners.

My Private Ranger: Explore the World with an Expert

Ranger Kent is a certified tour guide and certified international tour manager through the International Guide Academy. A professional guide since 2004, Kent is the founder and director of the National Park Society, which specializes in national park tours around the world. Kent has worked with National Geographic, Orbridge, Globus, Trafalgar and Caravan, and was formerly a park ranger and researcher for the National Park Service in Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier National Park and Garden of the Gods. He has also served with the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Ranger Kent is a member of the Association of National Park Rangers, and is proud that most of his touring clients are repeat business – returning to him for his guidance, time and again.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing protocols on current tours will include routine vehicle and equipment disinfection, as well as hand sanitizer and masks provided to guests. All lodging and restaurants will be selected from those that use the most recent CDC guidelines. Private vacation rentals are also a popular option. (1).gif



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