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Breastfeeding Your New Born

Breastfeeding is a unique process that provides ideal nutrition for infants and contributes to their healthy growth and development. World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) is spreading the word about breastfeeding and the raising awareness of the World Breastfeeding Week that begins on August 1st.

WABA says that their goal is for optimal maternal and children health, achieved through greater nutrition. They believe all women should be enabled to practice exclusive breastfeeding with infants fed exclusively on breast milk from birth to 4- 6 months of age. Thereafter, children should continue to be breastfed, while receiving appropriate and adequate complementary foods, for up to two years of age or beyond.

Here are some reasons why breastfeeding is beneficial to the baby:

  • Breastmilk has nutrition and antibodies that a baby needs to grow and fight off viruses

  • Breastfeeding lowers risk of various illnesses – including, but not limited to ear infections, diarrhea, and respiratory illnesses

  • Breastfeeding protects babies against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) – lowering the risks by half

Celebrate this meaningful week by breastfeeding using Freemie, a mobile breast pump – for an easier and more efficient breastfeeding process.

Freemie is a revolutionary collection system that allows mothers to collect breast milk in a hands-free and concealable way. The pump gives women freedom to pump anywhere, anytime for as often as they need – with a system that adds an extra layer of convenience and comfort. 

Each Freemie Collection Cup is held in place by the mothers bra and it feels and works just like regular breast pump equipment when placed over breasts. But instead of milk falling down tubes and hanging in bottles below the funnels, it collects in cups that surround the funnels. The small sized pump clips onto the side of a woman’s pants or skirt.

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