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Is Your Child Getting Sufficient Sleep?

A recent study conducted on school-going children concluded that children who have a variable bedtime were more likely to exhibit a more hyperactive behavior and had difficulty in controlling emotions!

Children with a 60-minute window variance of bedtime were twice as temperamental, and children who had a two-hour window variance in bedtime were 6 times more temperamental! Is your child's sleep habits leaving them tired and causing them to be easily agitated?

Do not ignore the signs of insufficient sleep, as they can be very hazardous to your child’s health. Lack of sleep can affect a child's brain functioning and development. There can be a slowing of the metabolic processes in their bodies, weakening the immune system greatly. This will then gravely affect his memory and cognitive scores.

All parents know how difficult the day after is! Without enough sleep, or a day after a restless night of sleep is difficult. As adults, we know what is coming! Children though have not earnt how to articulate their feelings and point out what is causing the abrupt and frustrated moods.

How can we help our children have productive and constructive days?

Is your child getting enough sleep?

1-3 years of age = 12-14 hours per day in sleep

4-6 years of age = 10-12 hours per day in sleep

7-12 years of age= 10-11 hours per day in sleep

12-18 years of age = 8-9 hours per day in sleep

Is your child struggling with sleep disorders?

Sleep Apnea:

It is terrifying as in this condition your child might stop breathing for 10 seconds while sleeping and probably won’t even notice.

Night Terrors:

These are scarier than nightmares and can scar your child mentally. Your child would suddenly get up from sleep being scared and anxious.

Restless Leg Syndrome:

If your child complains of having a bug crawl on his leg or has ‘wiggles’ then they may experience poor sleep due to RLS.

Others are minor disorders like:




Excessive Daytime sleepiness

Is your child active enough?

If your child is struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, they may be struggling due to their lack of exhaustion. With today's children spending less and less time active, running around, their bodies are not tiring. They may be tired mentally, but not physically. Help them expend some of their energy, playing and being active. This engagement will reap many more rewards too.

With your children sleeping better, you may get some more needed rest and sleep!

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