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Clever Contrasts: Interior Design Trends 2019

With our world more connected than ever before, it can be a challenge to understand how we fit into it all. When do I prioritize me? When do I prioritize others? The answer is ‘Yes.’ 2019 is all about embracing contrast. It’s the year we celebrate diversity and contemplate dis-accord in our lives and in our lived spaces, with home décor that mirrors this invigorating contradiction. Interior design trends 2019 will help us make sense of who we are and how we continue to connect with this world before the next decade begins.

Let’s take a journey together now to discover the innovative styles, fresh accents and new color directions that will dominate in 2019.

Innovative Styles In 2018, you are the master of your own interior design destiny. Everything you choose is meant to suit you, so it’s really important not to get bogged down in making sure every room in the house is ‘matchy-matchy’. It’s all about designing each room so it has a live of its own. A room should have meaning and this can be achieved through both function and feeling.

1. Take Time Out 2018 is all about making sure you look after yourself. It’s not meant to be all ‘work work work’. Take time for relaxation and rest. Don’t feel guilty about it. Embrace the good life. In terms of interior stylings, the idea is to be inspired by eclectic holiday destinations like Mexico or Morocco. Think contemporary style wicker furniture, glorious daybeds, gorgeous lanterns and gentle hammocks – all guilt free.

2. Flexible Work Sherwin-Williams, in their Colormix Forecast 2018 highlights that every color is a “collision of influences – every palette a fresh chance at community.” With nationalism and globalism in flux, we are redefining what community means to us. We crave security and adventure in equal measure.

The result? Flexible work spaces and the ‘nowhere office’. Industrial designers are now inventing desks that are portable so they can be moved around to wherever they need to be – through different rooms in the home, into the garden, out to a café or over to a shared co-working space. If we’re saying goodbye to dedicated offices, what does this mean in your own home? It simply means selecting furniture and accessories that we can move around within our own home and garden. It’s about finding somewhere quiet or suitable you want to work rather than being forced into a space you may not wish to be in.

3. Magical Nurseries Parents will be pleased to learn that, despite bold and intense colors shining through in 2019, baby room color palettes will continue to embrace whimsy. Take your imagination to its limits to create a nursery that’s soft and artistic – full of magical features like fluffy throws and pillows; artworks of hot air balloons or magical animals; fresh white and pastel color schemes; and fairy tale cots.

Fresh Accents According to Colormix, 2019 interior design includes a focus on ‘sincerity’. They say ‘Blending in is the new standing out. Flaws are treasured.’ Embracing contrast means using fresh accents in your home that are ‘on trend’. They are meant to be authentic, artful and captivating - underpinning who you are, the things you love and the direction you want to head. Here are some examples of how to achieve this.

4. Celebrating Smarts 2019 will see a shift away from ‘alternative facts’ with intellectualism becoming more celebrated. Making a comeback to our homes will be bookshelves and books – think home libraries from the 1900s featuring surrealism, vintage furniture, old style lamps and comfy lounges. The good news is it’s less about styling a whole room like this and more about accenting various parts of your home instead. Say goodbye to vintage. It’s time to welcome in intellectualism.

5. The New Nautical Nautical is no longer nauseating. According to interior designer Kelly Elko, 2018 embraces a sense of the infinite with respect to both imagination and innovation – using water as your inspiration. Nautical accents are less about decorating with sailing boats, compasses and anchors and more about celebrating the New Nautical. The beach art is less about boats and more about the water and what lies beneath it. Accenting includes fish scale patterns, sea creatures and the color aqua.

6. Iridescent Infatuation Interior designers have been loving their bright, shiny bling for many years, but 2018 sees this passion maturing into something more restrained – iridescence. Pantone’s Eiseman says “the human eye can absolutely not avoid iridescence’. Anything that is shimmering or pearlized charms us and, this year, we’ll be decorating with iridescent tables, sparkling ornaments and shimmering tiled splashbacks.

Color Directions 2018 The first fundamental thing to keep in mind is that we’ll be appropriating less pastel palettes and instead embracing more intense shades and moody colors than ever before. This is to achieve a more stable, reliable, energetic home and office environment. According to Italian Bark’s Elisabetta Rizzato, who attended the Milan Furniture Fair, the exhibition made it clear there would be a shift to the 1980s where bright, strong shades were prevalent.

With the Fair featuring some of the most notable names in the interior design industry from around the globe, it’s unsurprising that Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, is in agreement. When speaking at Chicago’s International Home and Housewares Show last year, she said 2018 would see more intense colors and less pastel palettes. Let’s examine the colors, shades and palettes that will stand out in 2018.

7. Connectivity Colors ‘Connectivity’ is an exciting color palette that Colormix has predicted will be popular this year. Anchored by neutrals, it features pops of bright colors inspired by young people who are expressing their love of freedom while putting every moment on Instagram – a world of contrasts! Shades include high tech colors like high definition yellows, digital greens, violets and Cavern Clay orange. Neutral anchors include Queen Anne Lilac and Ibis White.

8. Playful Primaries This year we’ll see primary colors making a comeback. Think fun! These fun colors include Klein Blue, Lime Popsicle and Bright Yellow. According to Eiseman, we all need to “stop and smile”.

9. Millennial Pink Pink is now the color of power and, in 2018, Millenial Pink (also known as Rose Quartz) is the new black. It’s all about subtly offering us strength.

10. Sage, Celery And Avocado Green While Greenery, Pantone Color Of The Year 2017, was massive last year, it’s already on its way out in favor of different, more subtle shades of green like avocado, celery and sage. Interior design in 2018 is set to amaze. Are you ready to embrace a world of clever contrasts?

Rajiv Agarwal

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