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Converting Your Home in Your Office

If you’re new to remote work, you may need to set up a home office — and fast. If you don’t have an extra room, create a dual function space with your playroom, guest room, or living area. See how to set up a multipurpose space you’ll love.

Home Office/Playroom

Working from home affords you the opportunity to spend more time with your little ones. This multipurpose space will allow you to watch your kids while you work. To stay productive, separate your office area from your kids’ area. You may want to encourage your kids to do quiet activities, such as reading or doing homework, while you work.

On the kids’ side, add plenty of storage to keep the space organized. You can add wicker baskets and colorful containers to store supplies and toys. Use a bookcase to separate the play area from your office. Decorate this area with bright art, a gallery wall, and temporary wall decals.

On the home office side, make sure you have enough space to work. If possible, set up your desk where it’s facing a window. If you don’t have a window, stack shelves above your desk and fill them with plants and art. Then add extra lighting with floor lamps or desk lamps.

Home Office/Guest Room

If you already have a guest room, add a space where you can work. For this area, it’s best to use neutral, earthy colors. Add plants to bring life to your new office. Use a glass desk to keep the space open and inviting. Make sure your office supplies (stapler, files, pencil cups, etc.) blend in with the room’s décor. Use a rug to separate the two spaces.

Home Office/Living Area

If you don’t have a guest room or playroom, create a workspace in your living area. Use a nook or passageway to set up a place for your computer. Add some lamps, art, and a hanging plant to spruce up your new working environment. If you have shelves in your living room, use them for office materials such as a clock and stylish stationery.

New Home Office

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, turn it into a home office. Pick colors that make you feel calm but inspired. Choose a spacious desk that makes you feel like working. And most importantly, buy a comfortable chair. You’ll spend hours sitting in this chair, so it needs to work for you.

The rest of the décor is up to you, and you can add to it over time. Find artwork that you love. Create a gallery wall to showcase your favorite memories. See more about making a gallery wall, and adding thrift store finds.

You can also change your room arrangements. If your child has moved out, turn their bedroom into a home office. If you haven’t had overnight guests in years, turn that room into an office. Change things up as often as you’d like – you can always change it again later.

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