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COVID Reframes The Wedding Picture

On average, 2 million couples get married each year across the U.S. In 2020, the desire to wed is still there, but with the continued spread of COVID-19 surging across the U.S., how are millions of couples planning to say, “I Do.”

The answer has been a surge in elopements and micro-weddings. Apart from elopements, "miro-wedding” is an intimate wedding ceremony with less than 50 guests, and with a detailed theme. There are thousands of frantic couples who scrapped their traditional wedding plans and are turning to elopements and micro-weddings as an alternative.

People have not stopped wanting to get married just because we are in the middle of a pandemic. You would think couples would be content to put off their weddings until the pandemic is over, but that isn’t the case based on what we are seeing in the industry. We’re seeing that couples are anxious to make their unions official in these uncertain times, and they don’t want to wait.

With all of the planned micro-weddings, here are some tips for making your elopement or micro-wedding spectacular!

This is your chance to have only those nearest and dearest to you at your wedding without any guilt  - celebrate that! Take all that money you’re saving and go all out with a detailed theme for your wedding: vintage, adventure, glamour, leather and lace, cowboy/cowgirl/western, sustainable – spare none of the details

Keep it outdoors and make the natural location the centerpiece of your ceremony – you’ll have the most enviable wedding photos. Get decorative masks for guests and hand out travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer. Serve pre-sliced cake and finger foods and already-poured champagne. Buy/Rent props to complete the romantic picture – there are so many options from vintage cars and furniture pieces to florals, candles, and canopies. Let your imagination run wild!

Combine your wedding and honeymoon into one spectacular location. With a smaller more intimate wedding, take the chance to make the family celebrations run a little longer than before!

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