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Dear Stay-at-Home Mom...

I know from firsthand experience how extremely hard your job is. Yet, I envy you. I took for granted the days of being home and available for my children. I would look at the working moms, all dressed in heels, suits and makeup, and desire just a day in their position. Now I am one of them. I rush about in the mornings, frantically trying to get everyone where they need to be. It would seem that no matter how early I rise, our family is still only just making it out the door “on time”. My days are spent wondering how my children are enjoying school, if they’re managing with homework, how my baby is after her nap. I cringe at the thought of one of them needing me purely because I know I am unable to tend to their needs and I am left with my heart aching. If one is sick, who will aide them to health when I am tied to a job? A job which is not out of choice but necessity for my children's needs. Catch 22.


I no longer have the choice to stay home or have it as my choosing to “dress up” and get out the house. I eagerly anticipate coming home every evening, longing to be mom again. Yes, our evenings are as rushed and frantic as the mornings. Our evenings are a blur with finishing up homework, dinner, dishes, baths, laundry, cleaning and preparation for the next day and ends with a very late night for mom …then, we have to start the cycle all over again.

Now, I am that working mom, who longs to be in sweatpants or jeans, droppings kids off at school, enjoying lingering conversations with other moms in the parking lot, but instead, I am running in heels, eating breakfast in the car and wishing it to be Friday! Oh how I miss the days of being just-a-stay-at-home-mom and would gladly accept the misconceptions of the title!



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