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Fuel Up for Fall Chores

Piles of leaves. Fallen old tree limbs. The last mowing of the lawn for the season. When these chores start popping up on your calendar, it’s time to fuel up the family --- and the outside equipment --- for an autumn clean-up.

Having your fuel ready to tackle fall chores is essential for most households, It’s no fun to get halfway through blowing away the leaves and discover there’s no fuel left in the blower. Having a variety of SmartControl™ fuel containers filled and ready before tackling outside projects is advisable. There are varying sizes that make it convenient for all members of the family to fuel-up and tackle fall chores.

5 Safety Tips Whether you’re trimming bushes or taking the boat out for the last run of the season, life can be easier when you have fuel readily available. However, it’s important to remember several safety tips:

Tip #1 – If you’re burning leaves or tree limbs, never use gasoline or diesel to start fires. (See an important video on fire tips)

Tip #2 – Young children should never be near fuel containers or operate them. With SmartControl, child safety locks help prevent curious children from pouring fuel.

Tip #3 – Fuel should not be used to kill insect nests or to clean grease or glue off of anything.

Tip #4 – When not in use, store fuel containers in a secure, dry location away from heat sources, pets and easy access by children. 

 Tip #5 – Don’t use old fuel, which can deteriorate if sitting unused for many months. After safely discarding old fuel, change out gasoline in your containers each season to keep it fresh.

Make sure that you are all ready for your fall chores, and why not share your family doing their fair share on our Facebook or Instagram accounts!

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