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Get Ready: Peak Hurricane Season is Almost Here

Fernand. Gabrielle. Humberto. They’re all on their way. Now that August is here, the Hurricane Season activity is kicking into high gear. Grow wants to remind homeowners to be prepared by storing enough containers of fresh fuel and water to get them through the next few months.

Up until now it’s been a fairly mild hurricane season, but that could change very quickly! Traditionally August is the month when hurricane activity picks up. That’s why it’s critical for our readers to take precautionary steps to make sure their homes are ready for potential severe weather.

According to The Weather Channel, the most intense U.S. hurricane landfalls all occur between mid-August and early September. They align it to a time frame in August as a “switch that’s flipped” when hurricanes become more active.

It is best to get containers for fuel readiness and durable water containers for water needs.

Smart Planning = SmartControl

Having gasoline on hand during a power outage after a storm can help fuel generators and much-needed chain saws and other gas-powered equipment. We suggest a Scepter Gasoline Canister crafted with a unique push spout. The rugged SmartControl containers are designed for fast fills without spills.

Plan ahead, you should not wait until a storm is forecast for your area to prepare. We’ve all seen the TV footage of stores running out of supplies. Getting a step ahead of the game by purchasing containers right now is critical for people living from Maine down to Florida and over to Texas.

Available in one-, two- and five-gallon sizes, the SmartControl line includes containers for gasoline, diesel and kerosene. The innovative spout design makes it easy to fuel equipment without losing a single drop. The clean, fast, hassle-free pour helps save gas for where it’s needed by eliminating messy spills. The user-controlled flow valve with its flame mitigation device (FMD) makes it effortless and safe to direct the amount of fuel being dispensed. Homeowners can store SmartControl containers with the spouts on, so hands always stay clean.

Smart Advice: Store Water

To help homeowners prepare for a storm, we suggest a BPA-free water container. Filling these with water prior to a storm assures homeowners of clean, fresh water for their own use, plus for their pets.

Having several large water containers filled in advance of bad weather is a smart move. Avoid the purchase of single-use water bottles that are costly at the time of purchase and hurt the environment in the long-run. Durable, reusable water containers are a reliable way to have large quantities of water available for home use.

In advance of severe weather, whether it’s a hurricane or a blizzard, it’s always smart to have both fuel and water containers filled up at your home and business. This comes in handy when it’s difficult to navigate roadways and services are down. (1).gif



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