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Have you done this before?

With a growing family, it seems that there is always something else that needs to be paid. We want to have a little extra cash at the end of the month to relieve the stress, and even better if there's enough to add to savings or to put toward retirement. But in reality, that doesn't always happen. Here are six common money mistakes you can avoid to create better money habits.

No.1 Spending your whole paycheck

Sometimes it's fun to be a big spender, but you can't do it all the time. Banks can set up automatic withdrawals into a savings account the same day your paycheck goes in. You won't even have to think about saving.

No. 2 Buying coffee every morning and eating out too often

We all have our favorite places to eat, but if you make coffee at home and eat in more often than not, you can easily save a few hundred dollars a month. Small steps when added together, make a BIG difference.

No. 3 Treating your credit card like another source of income

Sure it seems like charging your card for one tank of gas isn't a big deal, but interest adds up quickly when you don't pay off your balance every month.

No. 4 Having zero financial goals

Cultivating friendships, having fun, and traveling as a family is important but costs can rack up. Having financial goals gives you some guidance and helps you say no when you need to. Setting some long-term goals will help you enjoy what is ahead.

No. 5 Failing to meet your 401(k) employer match

If your boss hands you an extra 3% of your salary, you should say thank you and take it. This is exactly what happens when your company matches a percentage of what you save toward your retirement. Be wise and take the maximum your company gives you as a match. Don't leave free money on the table.

No. 6 Neglecting to plan for retirement

Even if your company doesn't have a retirement plan in place, start today. It is too easy to put it off and justify not doing so. The compounded interest you will have earned makes it worth the short-term sacrifice.

Create good money habits now. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with the large numbers and big picture. Do small things consistently and you'll increase your quality of life for today and tomorrow.

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