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How to Fix Summer Boredom

For most children who have a long summer vacation, it is a long-awaited period of time after going to school for months. However, usually after just a few short weeks, they get bored. Very bored.

Here is an easy, inexpensive list to give your kids or teens to fix that boredom and seize summer fun!

1. Go swimming

2. Have a lemonade stand

3. Make popsicles/frozen treats

4. Attempt to break a world record

5. Write a song

6. Create a new board game

7. Learn a new language

8. Create a YouTube channel

9. Make a movie

10. Learn how to play an instrument

11. Create a list of what you need for the next school year

12. Create a goal list (what you hope to accomplish in the school year)

13. Play a new sport

14. Join a book club

15. Read a book

16. Write a book

17. Write a letter to grandparents or a long lost friend

18. Watch a documentary on an interesting topic

19. Learn how to bake

20. Do something nice for someone (or a sibling)

21. Have a taste challenge with your friends

22. Create a mini-garden in the yard

23. Build something like a puzzle or a fort or maybe a website

24. Take photos and create a collage of your summer adventures

And lastly, if all else fails...

25. Do your summer homework (don't wait until the night before!)

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