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Improve The Lives of Young Players On and Off The Field

The New York Giants today announced a new 1-year partnership with inCourage, a national organization devoted to keeping kids playing organized sports. By partnering with inCourage, the Giants have found another way to meaningfully further their commitment to educational programming and help combat declining youth sports participation rates nationwide.

The New York Giants have a longstanding history of supporting initiatives that improve the lives and well-being of youth, and our partnership with them enables us to continue developing and offering free research-based videos and digital resources to help keep kids in the game.

With a shared commitment to education and character development, the New York Giants and inCourage partnership is focused on delivering evidence-based solutions. The solutions are to some of the most pervasive problems facing youth sports. These issues include bullying, hazing, parents' increasingly abusive and confrontational behavior, early specialization, and ill-equipped coaches. All of these issues frequently result in kids dropping out of sports, a concern that is becoming an epidemic: Only 38% of kids ages 6 to 12 played team or individual sports on a regular basis in 2018, down from 7% in the last 10 years according to data from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association. offers, a unique mix of academic and creative talent The goal being to have kids come together to end the pervasive toxic culture that is a destructive force in youth sports, offering real solutions from sports psychologists, athletic directors, education and media experts. The solution-based videos and resources that inCourage creates would not be possible without impactful partnerships like the one from the New York Giants, which will directly support our work to prepare student-athletes for success on and off the field.

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