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Dieting around the holidays just got easier. There is a new Keto Snack for the mommies that are looking to being good these holidays. The Keto Snack Mix in its ‘Snack with a Purpose’ line of snacks, features products enhanced for healthy eaters, resulting in an easy and delicious way to obtain your recommended daily nutrients.

The Keto Snack Mix contains a combination of cheddar cheese puffs, almonds, pepitas, pecans and macadamia nuts, all enhanced with waist-trimming probiotic HOWARU® Shape Lactis B420™. In clinical studies, consuming 10 Billion cfu per day of this probiotic helped beneficial bacteria in the gut and contributed to weight loss.

The Keto Snack Mix is perfect for on-the-go dieting: Designed to be eaten by the handful, this mix is ideal for stowing in your work desk drawer, gym bag or as a post-work snack. The Keto Snack Mix is 170 calories with 7 grams of protein per one-ounce serving size. It’s available on Amazon, and other retail outlets.

Keto Certified and fully compliant with Keto Diet Guidelines, the Keto Snack Mix provides most of its calories from fat and protein, and just 5 percent from carbohydrates, satisfying your snack cravings. The Keto diet is credited with health benefits such as weight reduction and lowering of blood pressure as well as beneficial for fighting against diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer's Disease, and diabetes. In the ketogenic diet, people replace carbohydrate intake with fats, which results in putting one’s body in a metabolic state known as ketosis.

The Keto Snack Mix is a direct response to the unprecedented consumer demand for a fresh snack packed with healthy fats. It is a natural evolution of snacks available, providing people with great-tasting, on-the-go snacks that are truly good for you.

The complete line of Nature’s Garden Functional Snacks includes heart health, weight management, digestive wellness, energy and brain, immune health, essential nutrition, high protein, and muscle health. Cibo Vita prides itself on combining the most advanced nutrient protection system without jeopardizing the quality, taste, aroma, color or texture of its wholesome snacks. In fact, the company is using an innovative new system that micro-encapsulated sensitive nutrients, such as probiotics, to protect them against heat, acidity, alkalinity, light, and oxidation. This way, beneficial nutrients are released precisely at the right time and in the right place within your body to ensure maximum efficacy and bioavailability.

About Cibo Vita, Inc.

Headquartered in Totowa, NJ, Cibo Vita is all about providing healthy and nutrient power-packed snacks that fuel life’s everyday pursuits and extraordinary adventures. The company manufactures and distributes its popular Nature’s Garden, Chocolate Orchard and Woodpecker snack brands, which can be found in most major grocery, big box, independent, natural and organic food stores nationwide as well as through Amazon. The company’s products are made from only the finest ingredients available and include various Organic, All Natural and Kosher Certified products to meet the requirements of a wide range of consumers.

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