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Living Room Design Tips For 2019

Home décor trends come and go, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest ways that people are styling their home. To help you to make a great impression with house guests, here are our top tips for your living room design in 2019. 

Comfort Is Key

While in the past, you might have come across some minimalist living room décor, 2019 is the year of comfort and people are opting for more comfortable designs. This includes everything from large comfortable corner suites to big pillows and rugs taking up the entire floor. There’s no need to have your living room be cold and uncomfortable, think about the things that you could add that would make this living space even more stylish. This is a trend to get behind if you enjoy spending a lot of time in your living room.

Laminate Flooring

Wooden floors in living rooms have often been preferred over carpets as they tend to be easier to keep clean and can be versatile. The problem with this is that wooden floors are expensive and in 2019, not everyone has a massive budget to spend on their living room décor. This is why our next tip for your living room design is to add some laminate flooring. Laminate flooring can help to recreate the look and feel of wooden floors without the cost and the extensive cleaning that needs to take place. You can also consider keeping the playroom floor soft and modern with foam wooden grain printed tiles.

Jewel Tones

When it comes to choosing the color scheme of your living room, it can be difficult to sift out the best possible option from the extensive list of colors available. In 2019, it appears that jewel tones such as ruby or emerald green tend to be leading the way and appearing in many homes across the country.  If you want to make sure that your living room décor fits in with the 2019 trends, we recommend that you pick up some emerald paint for your walls and some cushions to match. Think about the accents in your décor and find the right jewel tone for you.

Metal Accents

Our final living room design tip for 2019 is to make sure that you are mixing your metals and adding some of these accents to your current décor. It’s fine to choose a few different metals and add them to your home as this has become a massive trend. You won’t need to choose between silver and bronze you can have them both in your living room!

If you are thinking about updating your living room décor we hope that you will appreciate our living room design tips for 2019. You’ll love your brand new design and how it fits in with the latest trends.

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