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How to Modify Group Fitness Classes When You're Pregnant

Exercise during pregnancy is effective in reducing backaches, swollen ankles, and other pregnancy pains. It also uplifts your mood, accelerates postpartum recovery, and boosts your baby’s brain health. Doing at least 30 minutes of exercise daily or most days is ideal.

Pregnancy Exercise Tips

Pregnancy is not a time to take it easy and abandon your fitness routine; as long as you’re healthy, you can start or continue working out. It’s essential to learn how to modify your workouts so you can exercise comfortably throughout the trimesters. The following tips will help you to customize your exercises for your favorite fitness class.

Ask Your Doctor

The first step to pregnancy fitness is to check with your doctor; chances are you’ll be allowed to exercise. However, if you have any pregnancy or medical complications, your gynecologist might not let you exercise or restrict your workouts. It’s also necessary to consult a doctor if you did not exercise before pregnancy.

Balanced TRX Lunge

A pregnant fitness instructor will always recommend practical exercises that won’t make you lose your balance. As you shop for new gym clothing, remember that your center of gravity will change as your pregnancy progresses and your belly grows; maintaining balance becomes a challenge. Rather than doing a TRX lunge, try a TRX balance lunge. Hold the TRX foot cradles with both hands, do a reverse lunge, and keep your toes above the floor.

Cycle Upright

One of the benefits of pregnant fitness is that you can still do some of the exercises you did before pregnancy.

Cycling is an excellent strength training and cardio exercise; however, during pregnancy, you need to avoid too-intense interval workouts and too-low handlebars. You are already dealing with poor posture and added blood volume. Riding upright is comfortable, encourages better posture, and prevents your knees from hitting your belly.

Try Second Position Plie

Pregnant fitness models can do most of their regular exercises because they modify them to suit the situation. Barre is an effective prenatal exercise because it is low-impact; however, some moves are uncomfortable and dangerous. Avoid doing deep first position plié, instead, try second position plié. Stand with your toes pointed out and feet 3 feet apart, this will keep your knees stable as you exercise.


CrossFit is one of the most controversial topics in pregnant fitness classes today. The good news is you can still enjoy your workout of the day even when you are pregnant. Box jumps can be painful to do and can also cause a leaky bladder. Instead, try squats; they are effective even without weights. Squats are great for strengthening the deep core and legs, opening hips, and preparing for safe delivery. Remember to use the correct form to protect your knees.

Zumba for Pregnant Fitness

Did you know that music and movement can be soothing to the baby? Although most Zumba moves are low-impact, they are fast. Every pregnant fitness woman should avoid thrusting and any movements that cause tension on your back. Try dancing at half tempo; there is less risk of falling or back injury.


Most pregnant women do yoga and although it’s a great exercise, not every pose is safe. Avoid moves that can make you lose balance, such as standing splits; they increase the risk of falling and can lead to dizziness. Warrior II is a great alternative; it’s more stable because you use both feet.

Pregnancy is exciting and a time of change, but you don’t have to stop exercising. Although you can’t do particular workouts, you can still modify your favorite moves to stay active throughout your pregnancy.

Which is your favorite pregnancy exercise? Please leave a comment.

Rachel Burns has been writing on topics related to fitness and healthy eating for 2 years now. As a mother, she really appreciates the ease of raising children with her advice.

Rachel specializes in plant-based diets. In addition to nutrition, she is also an exercise enthusiast

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