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New Rustic Wood Beams For Every Room in the Home

Transforming a boring room into a warm gathering spot for the family just got easier. The addition of new lightweight Rustic Beams can help add the “wow factor” to ceilings throughout the home.

Available in both Ambrosia Maple and Prefinished Gray, the eight-foot-long hollow beams are easy to install. Made of real wood, the U-shaped beams come with mounting plates and hardware needed for the installation. Measure, cut-to-size, affix the mounting plate and then install the beam to the plate. Those are the only steps needed to add architectural style to any room.

Unlimited Creativity

People are attaching beams to ceilings in family rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. This is definitely a project a DIYer can tackle. Whether it’s adding straight beams to a ceiling, creating a center beam with cross beams, or crafting a coffered ceiling, these beams provide the ideal way to enhance a family’s living space.

This new product line of Rustic Boards and beams are five-inches wide and come in options of three- or five-inches in height. You can also also add black wrought iron decorative brackets to match the height and width of different beam sizes to help create an even more rustic look on the ceiling.

Home design creativity knows no bounds when using these beams. Short beams and brackets can be intersected with taller beams to construct a stunning multi-height ceiling profile. Or straight beams can be installed to complement rustic wood mantels, floating shelves and mouldings in a room. For a different look, both the Ambrosia Maple and Prefinished Gray beams can be left ‘as is’ or painted/stained to complement other elements of a room.

Enhancements to Beams

Ornamental mouldings in the Prefinished Gray family include colonial-style base, casing, crown, blocks and chair rail. Each piece blends well with any home style and comes prestained and ready to install.

Ambrosia Maple pieces include three different profiles with decorative wrought iron look inserts: crown, base and chair rail mouldings. A plain casing moulding is also available. These pieces all feature oblong and gray hued bores that run with the grain, providing a distinct coloration and texture to each piece.

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