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Our Pet's Post COVID Mental Health

If I could take my St Bernhard (Snickers) with me everywhere I went, I would. Just like with millions of other Americans, I’ve returned to the office after over a year of working at home. My boy has become accustomed to resting his head on my feet as I work from home.

Every time I head out, it seems as though Snickers has an anxiety attack. Before when I left, I had never seen this behavior and I now ask how will this impact the emotional health of our pets after so many continuous days of alone time?

The bond with our beloved animals is powerful and unbelievably complex. They ground us, entertain us, and love us unconditionally. They know our schedules. They can feel and respond when we are stressed. They react when our routine changes. All of this sensitivity comes from the energetic bond. As we move from our homes back to work and school, our animals respond to the shift, and energy healing is a fantastic way to support them.

Stress-induced digestive distress

When cats and dogs are stressed or anxious, they will often have digestive issues. Just like in people, gut health is a barometer for stress. Consider how to help soften the quiver of the nervous system and increase the animal's ability to "digest" and process different and stressful changes in their family's routine.

Help your pet feel secure and safe

When our pet's people leave the house, they suddenly take on the job of being in control. When the house was full, and their people were home to manage the household energies, the animals could focus on other jobs like loving, playing, and being a loyal companion. When the people leave, suddenly, the house is empty, and the animals become hyper-vigilant and don't have their human anchors around to help them feel safe. Restore a sense of safety and support for your pet friend.

Improve their overall volume level

Did you know they had so much to say? Excessive barking or meowing can be a sign your pet is trying to send you a message. Most often, that message is something like "Come back home; I miss you! While the barking may seem excessive at times, find ways to calmly talk to them with a soft tone to reassure your pet that all is good!

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