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Personalized Skincare Starts With a Test

We all long to feel comfortable in our skin. Whether you are noticing the age in the mirror or if your skin is irritated and dry, personalized skincare is your solution. Many may think that custom body wash products or individually customized deodorants are for the celebrities of this world, but that is not true.

Why is a personalized or custom created product so important to your sin's health? To start, would you use your neighbor's toothbrush?

Why do we buy products the way we do?

The present situation for many people is that they visit their nearest supermarket or department store to purchase their bath and body products. Products line the shelves and are made for the mass market. It is more profitable for the companies making these products to create a production run for millions of products. Their costs to produce this large amount is drastically reduced. However, is the profits of these companies the best solution for you?

Problems with the present model

There has been a continuous rise in the number of people suffering from skin issues and conditions. A recent study of adults with moderate to severe AD found that 70.5% reported severe, unbearable itch in the past two weeks, 85.8% reported daily itch, and 62.8% reported itching at least 12 hours per day. While there are many contributing factors to our itchy skin, the mass production of the products plays the greatest role.

Compound this situation with companies looking to make the largest possible profits. They mix and use ingredients like artificial scents and oils to lower their production costs. Many of the ingredients found in typical off the shelf body washes and soaps are reported to cause cancer and other health issues.

The All-natural solution

Some people have awoken to some of the poisonous ingredients used in some off the shelf products. They are leading the movement to carefully read and understand the labels of the products that they buy. People have a very real concern about what they put on their skin. As our body's largest organ, anything placed onto our porous skin is absorbed. Lotion, soap, or perfumes are absorbed through our skin into our bloodstream and impact every part of your body. It takes 20 seconds for a chemical absorbed to reach every part of your body and impact your brain's chemicals.

Keeping the ingredients to more naturally sourced products is important. The chemical reactions with our bodies are more reliable since these ingredients have been interacting with humans for many generations.

While being concerned about the ingredients is important it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Scent for your personal liking

Often the major brands and manufacturers dictate to us the scent of our products will be. Many times the product that you find to meet the ingredients list has an unwanted scent or a scent that you are allergic to. The best perfumes for women can give you a great aura, but have the ability to select your own favorite scent is a better option. A personalized or custom body wash will allow you to select your favorite scent or non at all. The personalized products are made just for you after all.

Chemical reactions

Do you know why we get body odor? It is due to a chemical reaction on our skin with bacteria. There is a real science to creating custom and personalized products. Whether you are looking for custom haircare or skincare there are a few options available but not all of them are the same. Your custom product is one of the 50,000+ variations that are possible with different recipe blends. The 12 question questionnaire will help you get to the bottom of the best ingredients to include and give you the perfect product for you.

The personalized skincare test is simple and well worth the effort. Receiving an All-Natural custom body wash will revive and nourish your body!

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