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Rags to Riches For Single Mom

With a huge social media following and website traffic, DIY Fashion Expert/Girlboss Mimi G has defied all odds to emerge as one of the most influential women in DIY fashion,

Propelling herself into the ranks of Martha Stewart, Lauren Conrad, and Chrissy Teigen, MimiGStyle which began as a hobby, has blossomed into one of the world's leading DIY fashion/sewing online destinations.

Mimi G models her original designs/patterns ranging from business wear to swimsuits that fit the everyday girl. She creates free tutorials of her on-trend sewing patterns (Turn Your Jeans into a Skirt, Refashioned Sweatshirt into Dress, Men's Shirt Into Off Shoulder Button Up), personally answers every DIY sewing question (i.e. what fabrics to buy, what projects to start with, etc.), and so much more.

She has also created an online sewing school SewItAcademy that works for everyone from the first-time sewing novice to the expert seamstress. SewItAcademy helps fashionistas of all levels master the fundamentals of sewing, work at a pace that allows time to practice, learn the importance of specific techniques, break free from mundane methods, and create trendsetting clothing and accessories.

Mimi G has worked with celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston, companies like Target, Revlon and Google, and has been featured in People Magazine, Parade Magazine, POPSUGAR and now Grow for making sewing hip and accessible. A natural on camera, MimiG shows off her clothes like a veteran model.

As a homeless teenage single mother, Mimi G first began blogging by sharing her journal of creative sewing projects and patterns online. In just 5 short years, this same blog now helps millions to regain their confidence as she motivates women and men of all ages from 9 to 90 to embrace their power, find their voice, and discover their purpose. This mother of four is a champion of women, but before her international success, she was the victim of sexual abuse, a teen runaway, a homeless teenage mother, and a domestic violence survivor. However, the story of Mimi is not in her challenges, it is in her triumphs. She had a knack for seeing a design on the runway and being able to recreate it herself. For someone that was struggling financially, this was something that helped set her apart.

As her blog took off, her viewers were drawn to her hip and cool approach to sewing where sewing was once thought of as something your grandma did. Mimi G is partly responsible for making sewing and DIY fashion fun, exciting and easy for a whole new generation.

In addition, Mimi G hosts the popular weekly podcasts BUSINESS S.H.E.T where she discusses topics of business and self-development, encouraging listeners to implement her career knowledge to grow their business and change their lives. She also shares online moments from her personal life like photos from her wedding, décor from her birthday, and bedtime beauty routine.

It is a motivational story that reminds us that we are not limited to where we are! Dreaming, passion and discipline will bring out the best in you and others! (1).gif



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