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Raising Kingdom Focused Kids

What is your ultimate purpose as a mom? Do not hastily respond to this question but rather reflect on the ultimate desire and purpose in your heart for this all consuming profession called “Motherhood.” I repeat my question, “What is your ultimate purpose as a mom?”

As a mom of three active little girls, I often state that I am working on my PhD in Motherhood.

I often ponder that in 5 short years my little gifts will be 18, 16 and 14 years old. The old cliché ‘time flies’ rings truthfully with motherhood. My days are tightly scheduled with home-schooling, chauffeuring to piano and tennis lessons, preparing healthy meals, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. With all of this activity, I often forget that this season of Mothering little ones ultimate purpose must be to raise kingdom-minded kids! Forget about raising valedictorians, mini Mozarts and tennis pros. This is all for naught if our little ones grow to be adults who are not focused on His kingdom and Christ’s purpose for their lives. Thus, I must do my best to raise children sensitive to His kingdom’s purposes as this is my one and only chance to mother well.

I can’t reclaim my daughters’ young years once the years have passed. I am not a perfect mom, but “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Here are my thoughts that I wish to share with all of you moms (and grand moms) who have answered the most high calling of raising kingdom-minded kids.

Pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17). I believe that prayer is the foundation for parenting well. Our little prayers partner us with our mighty and powerful God. Therefore, utilize every moment to pray for your children. I prayed over my children while breast feeding or soothing them back to sleep. The quiet moments holding my child close was optimal pray time. Currently, I find myself praying for my children as I am waiting in the dentist office, at piano or tennis lessons and sitting in traffic. Instead of checking Facebook in these moments, choose to PRAY for your children that they will be kingdom-minded.

Train up a child in the way that he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6) Webster’s dictionary defines Train: 1 )to develop or form habits, thoughts or behavior by discipline and instruction. 2) to make proficient by instruction and practice. My children have been trained from an early age to make their bed each morning and tidy up their room. What a huge help this is to me as well as great preparation for the management of their own family one day! More importantly, I have trained them from an early age to begin their busy days with personal quiet time with God. I smile every time I see my youngest pull her sparkly purple rhinestone princess Bible onto her lap to begin reading. What a blessing to discover my oldest is now underlining important words, verses and passages in her Bible during her quiet time.

Lastly, Model for your children a kingdom-minded purpose in your own life! My children were more easily trained to make their bed and tidy their room each morning as this is my own habit. Quiet time was modeled for me by my parents and grandparents. Now I have the blessing of modeling personal devotions to my children. Recall that Jesus Christ modeled righteousness to his disciples for twelve years before his crucifixion and ascension.

Please understand! I don’t just want to get by in mothering; I want to mother with PURPOSE, clarity and intention, in seeking to raise kingdom-minded children. Children who will go into the world with a boldness and love, and live for Christ and not for themselves. This doesn’t just happen. It takes the foundation of prayer, training and modeling. I don’t want to miss my ONLY chance to mother kingdom minded.

Carla D’Addesi believes in Amazing Grace. She is married 20 years and has three daughters. She is a published author of the “Julia” children’s series, which has 10 books and counting. Her children’s books are endorsed by the American Family Association. Follow Carla at, FB/youtube@cdaddesi. Books available at She co-authored “Adoption is a Great Option: China”. She is the radio host of “Your Family Matters” on 1180AM WFYL,

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