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Schooling Your Child


In the United States, there are more options than ever regarding schooling. Public “brick & mortar” schools, Private schools, Cyber/ Virtual schools, Charter schools, Magnet schools, Homeschool, No-school… this is not even a complete list…

How do you know what is best for your child? Each and every child is different- even within one family, different children have different needs and different learning styles & capabilities. A child can be thriving though public school through a few years, and then they may need to move into cyber school or homeschool. They may start off in homeschooling and move into a magnet school or a “brick & mortar” school through their highschool years. As a parent, I don’t believe there is one right or wrong answer. I believe that each and every child needs and deserves to learn and grow in a way that is most beneficial for them.

How do you know what school is best for your child/ children?

Research and never be afraid to ask questions.


Sometimes as parents we just fall into the system of society and just follow what the masses are doing. Depending on who makes up your social circle or your community, that is who is most likely to weigh-in on your decision as a parent as to your child’s schooling. Sadly, we as parents seldom consider if that “mold” fits our child/ children's educational or wellness needs. Sadly it also means that if we do consider other options, we are often criticized and questioned. By researching, asking questions, exploring different options, we open up vast opportunities for our child/ children and even our family.

In every educating environment there are pros & cons. Welcome to life. Finding a schooling “system” that best fits YOUR child’s needs is not impossible, but it does mean taking the bad with the good.

Here are a few resourceful links, but, please do your own research- it does vary state to state and certainly child to child, family to family.

When choosing and making decisions for your child/ children, remember that they are also going to change, grow and adapt. What works today, or this school year, may not work later. One child may show strength in a particular learning environment and another child is better off in different schooling program. Our children have their own uniqueness- their strengths, weaknesses, talents, skills, ambitions etc. Asking every child to fit one mold will only hurt them. Allow them to dream big and the ability to achieve it!

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