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Should I Send Flowers?

Sometimes we hear the news that is joyous and exciting. Other times the news can be sad and unsettling. We want to celebrate with those celebrating, or joining as support to those in need. Flowers are often a great gift to send to cheer someone up or send a romantic message.

There are several occasions that flowers are the best gift to send, however, there are occasions that you may wish to not send flowers. In most situations, we can appreciate the thought and consideration and look pas the beautiful arrangement.

Here are some occasions that flowers will certainly be the best gift sent;

Valentine’s Day

Mandatory Gift. Even if you think it is a marketing ploy, Valentine’s Day flowers are necessary to remind your loved one, that they are loved.

Mothers Day

Flowers have always been a traditional Mother’s Day gift. They are symbolic of beauty and nature and everything that is sunny and real. A Mother’s Day without flowers is a sad day, indeed.

Expressions of Sympathy

Sending the favorite flower or flowers of the persons favorite color can help share your consideration and thoughtfulness with the family. Your attention to detail can show your love and support during a hard time.

Get Well wishes

Few hospital rooms are unadorned with flowers and they are the most common get well gift of all. Lovely bouquets and potted plants are commonly given because of their bright and sunny nature. This tradition has been going on for literally hundreds of years.

Prom night

Prom night calls for a different kind of flowers and generally bouquets are not what is called for. Typically the young man will order a wrist corsage or perhaps a traditional corsage, but usually, these will be orchids in keeping with tradition.

Flowers tend to melt a somen's heart and remind them of their own beauty. It is always a good day to give a woman flowers, as it is always a good day to give them love and affection.

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