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Slovenian Travel Guide for Families

Slovenia, a small green diamante in central Europe where there is much greenery that you can imagine. Oh, you didn’t visit it yet? Well, in this guide you will see why this country is worth visiting and what will you experience.

Diversity and accessibility

Why should Slovenia be your next travel destination? If you decide you can travel through country in one day as it has 20. 273 km2. Take bus, a car, or a train and you will be able to see nature beauties where ever you go.

Slovenia has mountains, sea, valleys and thermal spas. It is quite amazing that a small country as this has so many natural attractions. Now, I will show you places that should be interesting for you to see.

Lake Bled

In the west you will find lake Bled that is surrounded by mountains and fresh air. The city is known for the lake, beautiful mountains and trails, and also for their famous cream cake named “kremšnita”. I recommend you to go for a ride with their traditional pletna boat to see the church that is located in the middle of the lake, on an island. Do you have any wishes? Think of your wish and ring a wishing bell in the church.

The place is peaceful and offers plenty of greenery to relax your eyes. On this point I should mention that there is one of the most beautiful camp spots in the country – eco camp Bled (5 stars) where you can experience tent camping adventure or glamp in one of the wooden houses of Garden Village Bled.

The capital Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a capital where you can explore different facilities and places, and learn about Slovenian history and culture. I recommend seeing the dragon bridge, the market, Ljubljana castle, National Museum of Slovenia, and riding in a boat to see Ljubljanica river and architectural buildings built by their famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. Beside these you can visit their largest park called Tivoli and relax among trees, flowers and statues. There are long paths to walk and benches to sit.

Postojna Cave

If you want to see the largest show cave in the Europe, you are on the right place. The cave has plenty of interesting things to see like diverse fauna and cave formations. They have a train inside so you don’t have to worry about seeing this 24 km long cave by foot. The most famous stalagmite is Brilliant, standing 5 meters (15 feet) and is the symbol of the cave and Slovenian Karst. Oh, and you must see the baby dragons, I mean olms that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world.

Slovenian coast

Slovenian coast is short but I recommend that to see Sečovlje salt fields where salt is produced the traditional way on over 600 hectares of land.

Piran is a coastal city that thousands of tourist visit each year. The city was influenced by the Venetian times. It is undeniable as you can walk the medieval streets. The main attraction of the main square is the statue of Giuseppe Tartini, the famous violinist and composer. The square is fun during the summer months with live music and outdoor events.

Koper is another seaside town and welcomes the cruise ships off the Mediterranean into its port. It is an important port where Slovenians export and import goods. The city is full of excellent restaurants where you can taste sea food and see old medieval buildings barely off the tight streets.

The land of vineyards

Do you like to taste a glass of wine? Slovenia is well-known for its good-tasting and diverse wines. Slovenians are hardworking people so it is not surprising how good their wine is. The best Slovenian wines are produced in the west, and northeast of Slovenia.

Grow recommends a visit to Gorizia Hills (Goriška brda) where you will be able to taste their wines, olives and be a part of the cherry festival that is held in July each year.

Bela Krajina and Kolpa River

Bela Krajina is in the south east of the country where the friendliest Slovenians welcome you with open arms. Hard working and kind, the residents in the south east will show you how peaceful life can be among the river. During the warmer months you can take advantage of a boat tour, where you can paddle with your friends down the river and admire nature’s beauty.

Bela Krajina is where birches are their symbol and where you can try their famous dish “Pogača”.

Slovenia is small and beautiful country with unspoiled nature and interesting things to see. No matter if you want peaceful vacation to disconnect from the world or an adventurous one, you will find it in Slovenia. (1).gif



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