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Straight Up Facts of Good Posture

Low-back pain costs Americans at least $50 billion in health care costs each year, I thought this would be a great additional resource for you to learn what good posture looks like.

Many of us are in such a big hurry all the time, rushing here and there, that we don’t pay enough attention to the way we walk. Until it begins to interfere with our health in the form of hip or knee replacements and back issues. Follow John Wayne’s advice and “slow down there, pardner!” Stop and square your shoulders. Inhale, and feel as though you’re lifting your rib cage up toward your head. This automatically lengthens your spine without placing more tension in your shoulders or lower back.

Now keep that lovely posture as you move your right leg forward, leading from the hip, not the knee. Make the effort to move from your hip joint while pushing off your back foot. Swing your arms from those squared shoulders and don’t be afraid to sway those hips! Go slowly at first, and practice your new sexy swagger around the house until it becomes second nature. Your body will thank you.

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