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Streaming Movies Right - Search All Platforms for The Best Pricing

With so many streaming options now available to use for family movie night - Disney, Apple and more have all recently entered the streaming arena - the act of finding what to watch and where is harder than ever. With more niche platforms offering less content, we are being forced to move away from a Netflix solution where all our shows and movies are hosted on one platform.

What makes this process even more confusing is that the cost of streaming movies online varies depending on where you look. Imagine a service that would search all the platforms and provide you the best pricing available from all the platforms for the movie or show that you wanting to watch? That’s exactly why streaming search engines like Streaming Movies Right have popped up to help streamers cut through the noise and find the very best deals online. They collect data from popular streaming platforms through Artificial Intelligence searching on all the platforms. They search the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu, then display the prices to watch all of the movies you could think of.

Take for example their page for Deadpool 2 - although this movie was only released recently, you can see that there are already a number of streaming options available and that they differ in price quite substantially depending on where you look. In fact, you can watch the movie for much cheaper on Amazon Prime Video than any other platform, saving yourself at least $10. This is significant as a search elsewhere online might only reveal the more expensive options, leading you to either pay too much or to stream the movie illegally.

Speaking of illegal streaming, another great feature of Streaming Movies Right is how they show the faces behind the movies to encourage people to stream legally. Each movie page includes a quote from someone who worked on the movie, reminding the visitor that real people worked on these projects and that they took a huge amount of work to realize. This small feature helps people feel more comfortable parting with their cash to watch movies legally, therefore supporting the film industry and reducing the number of people using illegal streams. Their streaming page for Avengers: Endgame reminds you that the Russo brothers (directors of the film) had a huge task on their hands to fully realize this blockbuster movie and that every legal purchase of Avengers: Endgame supports everyone who worked on the film.

So if you're not finding the movies you really want to watch on your Netflix account, check out Streaming Movies Right and you might find yourself a great deal (otherwise, you might just feel a lot better about parting with your cash for an awesome movie!).

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24 de nov. de 2020

I want a premium subscription/membership of any good online movie platform like Netflix and Amazon Prime at discounted rates. Black Friday sale is underway, do you people know of any platform or any coupon platform giving concession on their coupon codes such as black friday coupons at reecoupons? I want to explore other options to compare rates. Please help me out, I'll let you know my resources too.

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