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The Best Photographers in Palm Beach County

With the world of digital photographs and the ability for anyone to be a photographer, you can understand why so many passionate hobbyists are plying their trade and learned skills as a part-time job. Although there are thousands of people advertising their services to take your photos, ensure that you have the best to capture your special moments.

Photography is the means to capture a moment in time and hold onto that particular emotion and memory for many years. Many kids love to look through the old photos whether it be on the computer or in an album. To best remember a monumental occasion or event in your life, we have selected our best photographers in Palm Beach County.

  • Toni Jade Photography - With a studio based in Boca Raton, with Toni Jade, you have nothing to worry about. Their style is creative, clean and crisp, naturally bringing out the beauty of the people and surroundings.

  • Captured Moments by Dawn - The studio is based in Jupiter, a newborn photographer who is highly specialized in posed newborn photography, maternity photography, and baby photography with an artistic style.

  • Photography by Sunman - Impression is paramount in corporate dealings. Sunman assists with LinkedIn, business cards, flyers, Facebook and or your website photography for your business.

Consider a few of these important points and questions as you look to capture your memories;

What should you wear for a family photo?

Ask the photographer for color suggestions if you’re doing an outdoor photoshoot. Location and time of day can affect which shades will fade in the sunlight and what will stand out in a good way.

Where is the best place to take baby pictures?

Some parents prefer to have the newborn photographer come to their home or travel to a favorite park or other outdoor location. Like any portrait photography, the best place to take baby pictures is the place you like best and that will yield the types of photos you want of your baby.

How much do photographers charge for family portraits?

The national average cost for hiring family photographers ranges from $150 to $200. Pricing can range higher depending on where you live, the length of the photo shoot, the number of edited photos you request, and the background and reputation of your family photographer.

How will you receive the photos?

Ask how many finished images are included in the quoted price and whether you will receive all the photos taken (not just edited photos). Ask whether you’ll be able to download digital photos or if you’ll have to print them or purchase digital copies through the photographer.

We trust that you will be prepared to ake the most of the opportunity. Remember that this time of your life will not be long, capture it and keep it for the years to come!

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