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Why I love the NBA Playoffs

There is nothing like putting it all on the line, where the win or lose matters more than you know! The NBA playoffs are under way and I love this time of season.

All season long, the players have jockeyed and maintained their standings. They have been able to size up their competition and get their roster squeaky clean. Now the teams have to deliver and put it all on the line to proceed on towards the final round or get left behind. This time of the year produces the Hero's of the sport as they rise to the challenge.

Being based in the East Coast though tends to lead to long nights and less sleep! My poor family has to deal with me and my drowsy mind the morning and day after.

I know that people DVR and record the games to watch later, although I can fast forward through the adverts and reduce the time spent in front of the TV, I just find I don't watch the recorded games. Perhaps it has to do with my own competitive spirit, but the one aspect of sport that I love is that it is unscripted. Anything can happen at any time. Something changes the day after.

I have been a sports lover all my life and enjoy watching or participating in many different sports. There is a level of excitement and anticipation in the duel and the game. Nothing quite compares to it, and that is why I not only love the NBA playoff season, but why I have to watch it live!

Here are my picks for the 2019 Playoffs!

Western Conference will include Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets. I have to go with the Houston Rockets to win the Western Conference and go forwards to the finals.

The Eastern Conference finals will be contended by Philadelphia 76'ers and the Milwaukee Bucks, with Milwaukee joining the Rockets in the NBA Finals!

I'm hoping for a tight series, with both teams competing hard and taking the series to the 7th game. Houston though has the experience within the team to ensure that with the last game, they have the higher level and win the NBA season!

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