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Work Life Balance Under Quarantine

With your workspace and living space co-mingling for most of the year, you may be finding it difficult to break away from work and relax. It seems to be worse for those that live and breathe computers, social platforms, and web scrolling for a living.

But there are ways to keep a healthy mind and relationships with our family members sharing our workspace!

Online trainer 

3x / week...working out in my office, with rubber bands and weights from Amazon. Nice break in the day.

Outside time with your kids

At the end of each day, go on a walk together or to the park. Really great for our family relationship all around, especially when one needs a break, and has also been good for health/energy levels.

Office window 

Move your desk forward the sky. Get some light, get some air. His window looks out to the street but seeing some unnoticed beauty really makes it worth it, seeing a beautiful palm leaf, and blue sky makes a world of difference for your mental health.

Detach from your phone

Leave it in the other room / leave it behind on some days when we leave the house and go to lunch/dinner, as long as one person has their phone. And it makes you more mindful of the other person. 

Always date your wife/spouse

This can really break things up when you feel like it's Groundhog Day, plan, and appreciate alone time. Get a sitter/nanny and do "date days". 


Now that you are working remotely, perhaps you want to really work remotely! Perhaps heading off to a new location is a great way to get away from the rut of quarantine while continuing to be available.

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