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Ways to Ensure Your Child Remembers Their School Needs

It’s frustrating when your child forgets your reminders even if you already tried your best to tell them. Whether it’s intentional or not, it could pose a risk. You don’t want your child to forget these things as there might be unwanted repercussions. These are the tips to help your child remember everything you say before leaving home for school.

Constantly offer reminders

Even if it’s tiring, you need to keep saying the same thing. You want your child to remember every point through repetition. You even have to ask your child to repeat what you say to guarantee that everything is correct. Sometimes, you assume that your words are understood when in reality they weren’t. 

Say them in a nice way

If you feel irritated by providing the same reminders, your child also feels the same way. Therefore, even if you already feel exhausted, you can’t show it. Tell your child in a nice way what your intentions are. Sometimes, children intentionally violate what you say because of how you said those words.

Make it easy for them

Instead of telling them what to do, you can make it easy for them to recall every detail. For instance, you can always place their lunchbox on the right side of the bag to ensure that they see it. If there are school supplies that they keep forgetting, you can place the school supplies in their bag. In doing these things, your child will have a smaller chance of forgetting things.

Make them recall a bad incident 

You can remind your child about what could happen as a result of their failure to follow the rules. For instance, if they starved before for forgetting their school allowance, they will remember keeping the money in their bag. Children will avoid bad behavior if they get reminded of a terrible incident in the past. 

Write some notes

You may also place the reminders in their notebook. Some kids learn best through verbal reminders while others do better when they see the notes on paper. You also have to write in huge fonts to guarantee that your child sees it. For instance, if your child spends a long time using the phone, you can remind them through a written note.

Be patient

It takes time to make children remember everything you say. Some of them intentionally forget everything while others have a hard time remembering small details. Therefore, you need to be patient since you can’t fast track the learning process. You can try your best to make them realize every detail, but it’s understandable if it takes longer than expected. For instance, if you decide to buy an EMF protection device to protect your child against radiation, this item could get left at home all the time. You know that it’s important, so you have to keep offering reminders. 

Eventually, your child will remember what you keep saying, not only for now but for years to come. (1).gif



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