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Tips To Balance Wellness & Indulgence This Holiday Season

We all adore the holidays, but the fact is, they can also be incredibly taxing on your mind and body. Between all the travel, festive parties, anxiety-infused family obligations, and of course traditional holiday stress-eating, it’s easy to end up run-down, exhausted, and out of shape come January... Not exactly how you want to start a brand new year!

Never Skip A Meal

So you’ve over-indulged in a few of those homemade Christmas cookies. What should you do? Why skip a meal of course! Over-compensation is always the answer, right?

Wrong. Skipping meals will give you a mental victory at the moment but leave you tired and lacking nutrients and at the risk of over-indulging all over again. To break the skipped-meal cycle and stay energized, full and satisfied this season, try a complete meal replacement solution like our GEMINI™ Organic Plant-Based Meal Replacement Shake. This nutritionist-formulated vegan blend of organic plant-based protein, low GI carbs, MCTs, fruits, vegetables, botanicals, and adaptogens will keep you running strong while providing added health benefits ranging from gut microbiome health to stress relief.

Plus, the ‘Cosmic Chocolate’ flavor is just as delightful as your favorite hot chocolate. (Actually though. We can’t believe it’s vegan!)

Get Your Daily Dose Of Greens

Let’s face it- veggies are the cornerstone to your healthy diet, but they are also the hardest to buy and prepare in a timely (and economical) fashion. 

Taurus Organic Green Super-Vegetable Powder is the easiest way to get high-quality green cruciferous vegetables when you are short on time. 

This thoughtful formula, made from all organic responsibly-harvested vegetables, is designed to keep your immune system running strong (a necessity during the winter months!), while alkalizing the body.

Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this delicious green elixir has potent detoxifying properties, and also contains a complete probiotic complex to fend off (Christmas cookie & eggnog) bloat and boost microbiome health.

And our favorite feature? The carefully selected trio of Adaptogenic herbs that help reduce oxidative stress & inflammation. Not that you don’t get along PERFECTLY with the inlaws.

Curb The Sugar Craving

Everyone knows protein is great for muscle building and recovery, but another less-known benefit is that high-quality protein can also keep you feeling full and reduce cravings- perfect for these days when cookies and candy canes lurk around every corner! 

Protein keeps your blood sugar in check (reducing cravings) while providing the equivalent satiety of higher-sugar alternatives- so by fueling your body with a high-quality protein, you’ll actually end up with reduced cravings and more manageable appetite. APOLLO™ Pure Protein Powder is an excellent tool to help you do just that. It is a low carb and keto-friendly option that combines 3 ultra-premium protein sources that digest at varying rates- which means you’ll feel full for up to 7 hours. APOLLO even has a digestive enzyme complex to eliminate bloating, plus it’s TOTALLY delicious and NOT-chalky. 

Standalone shake not your thing? No problem. You can always add a scoop of APOLLO to your coffee for a super-charged (and delicious) start to your shopping day. (1).gif



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