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Encouraging Kids To Wear A Smile Every Day

Taking the phrase “Nothing You Wear Is More Important Than Your SMILE!” to boldly expressive new heights, a new line of socks has been introduced to help everyone from little kids to young tweens and women share their innermost feelings in the most creative, colorful, and eye-catching manner possible.

Offering an ideal way for young people to quite literally dive into their day feet first!

Meet The Family  Born to help young people express whatever mood they might be in at any given time, there are six adorably colorful characters:

                       SMILEY! Feelin’ happy! Let’s get the day started and have some fun!

                       JOLLY! Full of happiness and delight! Come on, let’s go play!

                       WINKY!       Feelin’ mischievous? Or playful? Let’s stir the pot a little! 

                       GRUMPY!    Grrr! Not feeling it today – goin’ back to bed!

                       GOOFY!        Seriously? Let’s do something silly today! Who’s with me?

                       HAPPY!        Content as can be. Feelin’ good and full of positive energy.

And to make all the more fun, kids and tweens can mix and match SOX by wearing two expressions at the same time! What’s more, since Tween & Women’s size SOX can fit most adult women, Moms can enjoy sharing their emotions alongside their kids and share a few family smiles together.                                                                                                                                                                        

Tired of giving or receiving kids’ party favors that are tossed away within days or even hours? SMILE! SOX™ are a fun, practical and cost-effective gift to offer guests during birthday celebrations.

SMILE! SOX™are also ideal gifts to mail to out-of-town family members and friends with kids, to give as get well presents, to surprise your children with during back-to-school time and – in a few short months – to wrap up as holiday presents.

Quite A Feat!                                                                                                                                                              Based in Southern California, SMILE! SOX™ is independently owned and part of the Keepers International family. Founded in 1954, Keepers is a pioneering wholesale distributor of premium-quality, high-fashion socks that began by serving independent apparel and shoe stores along with larger regional department and sporting goods stores located on the West Coast. Today Keepers’ socks are sold in Dress, Casual, and Sport styles for men, women and kids at stores all around the world.  

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