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From the Dick Doctor’s Wife, Author Madeline Zech Ruiz

I was either really brave or really stupid when I decided to write my book, I Married a Dick Doctor Who Fixes Women Too. I feel like I am the presidential candidate of the “other party” every time the discussion of my book comes up. Half the people jump right in and want to know everything, and the other half condemn me for talking about something that shouldn’t be talked about. This is when I knew I was on to something that actually mattered and had the potential to help every person on the planet. Every single person on the planet owns “one.” Yup, you cannot escape the subject of Human Plumbing. Evidently, 100% of the human race will need a urologist at some point in their life. WOW! What a terrifying thought, or just downright depressing.

Growing older can be a blessing to many, but at the same time, it can present some interesting urological issues that nobody ever talks about. So, here we go, talking about YOUR plumbing and how things “down there” get fixed.

Let’s start with the most obvious issue that both women and men will ultimately deal with and will be absolutely shocked when it happens. Whatever you do, don’t sneeze, laugh, cough, or jump if you have Leaking Problems. Yes, this problem is real for almost every woman approaching menopause, or well past it. You can thank gravity and DNA for this gem. The good news is that there are many solutions to help women address their leaky pipes. And, if you are a man reading this article, you too can leak, especially after any kind of urological surgery. There is no getting around leaky plumbing unless you are smart enough to get to your local board-certified urologist, who can present a number of options to solve your issue.

Here’s another fun subject: the prostate. The prostate is like going to a magic show and wondering how the heck the birds flew out of the magic hat that had no birds in it, to begin with! One minute a man’s prostate is healthy and the next visit to his doctor, and is victim to a prostate biopsy, resulting in a Prostate Cancer diagnosis that every man dreads. The good news is that science and regular visits to the urologist is the best defense to prostate health! Just ask Al Roker, the weatherman on the Today Show! He recently reported that there is no evidence of cancer beyond his prostate, which Al had removed with a procedure called a “radical prostatectomy”. Sounds scary, but highly effective and done with the DaVinci Robot so you are home within 24 hours!

But enough of the fun stuff, let’s jump on over to another urological condition that does not discriminate and affects everyone equally! You guessed it, Kidney Stones! The condition that brings every man and woman to their knees. Who knew that most of the time these kidney stones are simply a result of dehydration! This should be on a billboard every 10 miles of highway to remind people to drink enough water and avoid the debilitating experience of the worst pain imaginable. Even women who give birth naturally say that kidney stones are much worse than delivering a 10 lb. baby!

All these urological issues and we all wonder why both men and women suffer from a Lack of Desire at some point in their lives! The human body and its plumbing is a delicate system and one that equalizes the human race, whether we want to admit it or not. Lack of desire is usually the straw that breaks the camel’s back in most relationships. Almost always, lack of desire is a hormone imbalance that can affect both men and women. Men lose testosterone levels as they age and women have large hormone changes before, during, and after menopause. Luckily, most men can slap on some testosterone and solve most of the common side effects of low testosterone such as fatigue, weight gain, and even erectile dysfunction. Women can implement a variety of methods to receive hormones safely and improve their skin, hair, memory, BMI, and of course their desire to get laid.

All these (and more) urological matters happen in life and we should all be brave enough to have conversations with our spouses, partners, and doctors to find the numerous ways to cure these matters. There is lots more in my book but space is limited here. Please order my book to educate (and be entertained) by the helpful info I offer you. And you may know someone who needs to get this info sooner than later.

Happy Plumbing from the Dick Doctor’s Wife!

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