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The Hardest Person to Buy a Gift For

How do you buy gifts for your Dad? I have always heard about and struggled myself getting the perfect gift for my dad. I think the reason that Dads are so difficult to buy for, is because they buy what they need or want themselves! It could also be that the sacrifice their needs and wants for the benefit of their family.

When it comes time for us to buy them a gift for Father's Day, Christmas or their birthday, they have already bought themselves what they need and want. So whether you try buying a tool or utensil for everyday use, or a gift to pamper him, it always seems that Dad already has it or won't want it!

We have done a little research and found you some great gift ideas for the dad's in your life. Keep in mind that sometimes Dad's are frugal. They tend to buy themselves the cheapest options. Buying them a new option or upgraded version of something they already have, is an easy way to make them feel loved.

Get a Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are great ideas. They are the gifts that keep giving throughout the year, and often include additional things that would not typically be on the shopping list for a gift!

Quench his thirst all year

Give your Dad the gift that keeps on giving! Buy now and get $10 off shipments of 4 or more and get FREE SHIPPING! Code: BEERDAD

Get his Sports Team shirt

What man doesn't like sports, most of them love a sport and or a team. With the new kits every year, even if they have a previous year jersey, getting the present or upcoming season shirts will make him feel special and up to date.

Charger With Speaker

Tech lovers will appreciate a charging station that can charge up to four devices at the same time, complete with a speaker, clock, radio, and alarm. He can listen to his device while charging it.

Oil-Less Air Fryer

Does he love fried foods, but not the extra grease and fat that comes with it? Get him an oil-less air fryer, which uses rapid air exchange to cook his favorite fried foods. Fun, functional and healthy.

Here is a poem to share with your special Dad this Father's Day, or any other day!

Dad's Place

There's a special kind of feeling

When I think about you, Dad,

It's a pleasure to remember,

All the happy times we've had.

There's a special kind of caring

That is meant for you alone,

There's a place somewhere within my heart

That only you can own! (1).gif



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