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What Natural Libido Boosters Work with Men and Women?

Are you on the hunt for a way to spice things up in the bedroom? Perhaps you are searching for ways to increase your libido, without all the negative side effects that medication can have on the body.

There are many foods are natural aphrodisiacs that can increase sex-drive and libido naturally, but you need to get beyond the hype and know the difference between what men and women need.

Quite a few foods act as natural aphrodisiacs, but many people don't realize that what works for a man may not work for a woman, and vice-versa. It’s important to understand what hormones you need boosted and these differ from men to women.

What natural aphrodisiacs work for men to boost libido?

For men, testosterone has a lot to do with it. Look to foods that boost testosterone levels naturally, with no side effects.


Ginger will spice up your food, and probably your sex life too. It works by boosting testosterone levels. It’s a great addition to many dishes and is also popular as a juice shot. I recommend adding it to celery juice (celery is another natural aphrodisiac).


These little luscious seeds taste amazing, are packed with antioxidants, and also help boost the male sex drive naturally by boosting testosterone and blood flow naturally. While extracting the seeds takes work, you can easily get pomegranate juice that will have the same benefits.


Another food well known to boost testosterone, these guys can help men get and stay in the mood for love. They are, however, an acquired taste. If you like oysters, go for it!

What natural aphrodisiacs work for women to boost libido?

Women need different things since to many women, sex is just as much about the mind and relaxation as it is the body.


Long thought of as a Valentine food, strawberries can help the body make oxytocin, which is known as the love hormone. They can also elevate blood flow and help reduce stress, helping women to relax and get in the mood.


Not only is saffron a rare spice with tremendous medicinal benefit, now you can add libido-boosting to the list of benefits, probably due to its overall mind-body health benefits.

What works for both men and women, and why?

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate or pure cacao may be a holy grail for boosting libido because it works through so many different pathways. One, it elevates dopamine, which is one of our happy hormones and helps promote mood and excitement naturally. Dark chocolate also contains a compound known as phenylethylamine, a chemical in the brain associated with lust, and love.


This magnesium-rich food can boost testosterone levels in men, and due to its rich iron content, can also help women feel more aroused and sexually satisfied. Just make sure to keep it out of a salad, as many other types of salad greens can reduce your libido.


Yes, celery! A health food staple, this can help men and women get in the mood. Arginine expands blood vessels the same way viagra does. Celery also contains compounds that create pheromones to help attract the opposite sex. If you’re making juice, add in a shot of ginger!

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